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There are many copies of Instagram, but today we are talking about the best versions of Instagram Plus, which offers unique features and exclusive features in every update to the application, the Instagram Thunder application, which is one of the best Instagram applications ever, because of the new features it offers, as well Because of the satisfaction of the users, if you want to download Insta Thunder and know a lot about the application and everything that revolves around it, then you are in the right place, in this article we will talk about many aspects such as the features of Instagram Thunder and how to download the Insta Thunder application on the mobile, and whether it ios operating system app.

instagram thunder apk

instagram thunder

What is Thunder Instagram?

Insta Thunder or Instagram Thunder, the new and wonderful application, serves Instagram users by itself, as it is considered a modified application on Instagram, it offers additional features that are not found in the official Instagram store, and here we note that this application is very safe, and its users are not subject to ban at all, as it allows you to download Media from Instagram to mobile, as well as controlling the privacy of the application, such as ghost mode, which means that you hide watching live broadcasts and watching stories without the knowledge of the owner.

How to download Instagram Thunder

You can download Insta Thunder on your mobile easily and for free, through the download link at the top, after that open the application, and log in to the account easily, the application has an Instagram interface that is easy to deal with.

insta thunder

privacy insta thunder

Is Instagram Thunder safe?

Of course, this application is very safe, and user data is not stolen in the application, as you can log into your account through email, phone number, or through Facebook, you can also register a new subscription to Instagram, and application developers cannot eavesdrop on the application or steal your account.

Features of Instagram Thunder

  1. Download insta story.
    insta ⚡

    download story

  2. Hide seen instagram story.
  3. Download photos and videos from Instagram for mobile.
    download thunder plus

    download story insta

  4. Log in to your account through Facebook.
  5. Hide watching live broadcast.
  6. Copy comments and bio.
  7. Enlarge the profile picture of the Instagram account.
  8. Run more than one Instagram account at the same time.
  9. Upload media in high quality.

Are there competing apps for Instagram Thunder?

Of course, our site collects everything related to Instagram, and we especially mention the modified Insta applications, so you will find many competing applications that offer the features offered by Insta Thunder with a slight difference from it, there may be an increase in the features in some copies and it may be less, so I will tell you about some copies The most famous in the world of Instagram Plus, which competes with Instagram Thunder, is: Instagram Gold.

What is the importance of Thunder Instagram for users?

You may find the importance of Instagram Thunder in what it offers, but some users like to use Instagram Thunder to run more than one account at the same time, also because it updates the application first-hand, with the addition of the original Instagram updates faster than others, and because the developers are keen to provide everything that is new On Instagram Thunder, I recommend you to use the app.

What are the disadvantages of Instagram Thunder?

  1. Not available on Play Store.
  2. It works alongside the original Instagram, and may not work alongside other Instagram Plus versions.



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