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AGInsta is one of the best versions of Instagram Plus, this application allows you to download Instagram stories, videos, and photos, you can also view Instagram profile picture and download it after using AGInsta, here you can download AGInsta latest version 2023.

What Is AGInsta?

AGInsta or AG Instagram gold is a modified version of Instagram with additional features that don’t exist in the official Instagram, AG Instagram is not on Google Play Store, but here you can download it with a direct link.

Download AGInsta 2023

Requirements to have AG In Instagram

  1. Android 4.4 or more.
  2. 60 MB storage.
  3. Internet connection.

New update aginsta version 2.70:

  • Market base update to
  • Add all the new Instagram features.
  • Change the shape of the stories in circular and square shapes.
  • Increase the duration of stories on Instagram.
  • Add the feature of changing Instagram lines, and add the iPhone line.
  • Fixed an issue with the story appearing in a square shape.
  • Solve the problem of crashing when opening the application.
  • Fixed the download button issue.
  • Solve the problem of the collapse of the Instagram application.

Is AG Instagram Anti-ban?

Between all Instagram plus version we can tell you that AGInsta is one of the best, the version is completly safe and if you use it your account won’t be banned.

The developer, Assem, developed this application, in addition to the Insta Gold application. You can view this version of Instagram,

AG Instagram Adds

  • New Languages.
  • New option to translate chats.

Best Features of AGInsta

Open and Zoom Instagram Profile Picture

AGInsta Plus
zoom and open insta profile

You can view and zoom any instagram profile picture even if the account is private, all you need to do is a long click to the profile picture.

Open Instagram with Facebook account

Even though AGInsta is not an official app from Google Play Store

it still has all the features from the official Instagram, so you can log in to AGInsta with Facebook.

Copy Instagram Bio

download ag insta
Copy Instagram Bio

You can copy any Instagram bio even if the account is private, all you have to do is press a long click to the bio and this will copy it.

Transate and Copy Comments

For the comment on AG Insta there are two options, you can translate them or you can copy them.

Download Instagram Story

ag insta assem
save instagram story

You don’t to use any website or application to download Insagram story, since AGInsta offers you the option to download instagram story whether it is a video or a photo.

Download Instagram Photos and Videos

AG Instagram
Download Instagram Photos and Videos

Under each post (photo/video) there is a download button. if you click on it it will download the photo or the video on the post.

Hide Story Seen

You can see all your friends’ stories and still they won’t know, to activate this option go to Settings then Privacy, and then you can activate this.

Playback Videos or Reels

In the official Instagram, you can’t playback reels or videos/ but in AG Instagram you can playback any video or reel.

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