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Download insta x new version 1401

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In this article, we present to you the new application on Instagram, the InstaX Plus program, modified on Instagram, which offers new features in the world of InstaX in each new update, and here is the latest version of the InstaX program, which allows its users to download the status of the Insta, and hide the view of my story Instagram, there are more advantages that we learn about in the article, but do not forget that you can download insta x on your mobile through the download link in the paragraph below.

What is insta x

The Instagram Plus application works alongside the regular Instagram. It is not available on the Google Play Store, or any official Android store. It offers features that are not available. The Instagram program works to provide new additions in each new version. Users of the version enjoy unique features such as downloading photos and videos, copying bios, and other features.

Download link insta x

insta x interface

insta x interface

What does the download of InstaX provide?

  • download instagram status.
    download story instagram x

    download story instagram x

  • Open and enlarge the profile picture.
    enlarge profile photo instagram x

    enlarge profile photo instagram x

  • bio copy Translate comments and bio.
  • Ghost mode: Hide the view of the story, as well as hide the appearance in groups.
  • Have text chats on Instagram.
  • Voice and video calls.
  • Download all media from chats.
  • Find out who is following you and who is not following you.

insta x app latest version

download insta x

download insta x

In each new version, the developer of the version adds new features. as well as updating the market version to the latest version. Some users may encounter problems with some of the features and features available in InstaX. So the developer will solve these problems. So you have to update the version first.

Unique advantages of the insta plus x app

After the popularity of the InstaX 2022 program. we can tell you that the application is against the ban. and InstaX users do not suffer from any problems with the Instagram company. all you have to use the version with ease, you can also create a new account through the application. as for the advantages There are a lot of differences in the application that are not available in other Instagram Plus. Such as: the shape of the application icon, which is different from all forms of Instagram, offers you all the advantages of downloading from friends’ posts, without the need for media download sites. or other applications similar to these sites.

How to update insta x to the latest version

update instagram x

update instagram x

There are a lot of sites talking about this app, but I recommend you to use our site, because we always follow Instagram x and give you all the new updates. Where all links to download insta x are safe and direct, as for how to download and update insta x, all you have to do is visit this article again, and then download the copy again. Without deleting Insta X from the mobile. Then install Instagram x on your phone.

Why do I have to download insta x on my phone?

After you read about the Insta X program, you will understand that the application is safe, and does not cause a ban, as well as the features offered by this program are great. Insta X is really worth a try. You can also log in to Instagram via Facebook, and within the application there is the possibility of registering a new subscription to Instagram with ease. Insta x is very easy to use, it also supports instagram dark night mode.

2022 Insta X Features

We have already talked about most of the features, but there are some new features in the application that you know now:

  1. Change chat background.
  2. Instagram theme change.
  3. Change colors and fonts on Instagram.
  4. Download Persian font for Instagram.
  5. The possibility of logging in through Facebook.
  6. Create a new account on Instagram.
  7. The application icon is completely different from its default.

Best alternatives Insta X

There are a lot of good alternatives in Instagram X, you can use one of these apps: insta gold, GBinsta. OGInsta.

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