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Application Information MGInstagram

  • Application name MGInstagram
  • Version 11
  • Author mahmoud jadou
  • Operating System Android
  • Release Date 2023-08-16
  • License Free
  • Size 76MB
  • Supported Languages English

mginsta Latest version

Instagram Gold MG is a modified version of regular Instagram, owned by developer Mahmoud Al-Jadoua, and it is considered one of the best modified versions of Instagram Plus, which offers unique features. So the MG developer adds new additions to his version, the most important of which are changing the Instagram font, downloading Instagram status, and hiding reading messages. Not only that, but there are many features that I will talk about in this article. You must first download mginsta apk on your mobile phone through the link below. Then follow the features.

What is MG Instagram?

mginsta It is a modified version of the regular Instagram, you cannot download it through the Play Store, as it was developed by the Syrian developer Mahmoud Al-Jadoua. This version comes with exclusive new additions such as ghost mode, and the ability to easily upload photos and videos. Also, through mginsta+, you can copy the bio and comments.

How to install MG Golden Instagram

  • All you have to do is click on the download button at the top.
  • Then install the app on your phone.
  • In addition, log in to your Instagram account, or register a subscription.

What’s new in mg insta apk download V11.0 ?

  1. Base update
  2. All new Instagram features added in mginsta update
  3. Enable Channels Option.
  4. Show hidden chats by long pressing on the search box.
  5. In the Mginsta update, users can be verified for free
  6. Working to fix problems in previous versions
  7. Added Share Button In Post in mginsta+
  8. Fixed All crashing issues.

Features of mg insta apk download

  1. Download photos and videos from within the applications and without any need to use external applications.
  2. Zoom in on images When you click and hold on the image, you will be able to enlarge and reduce it as you like.
MG Insta latest version
preview pic mg insta
  • Download the story on your phone with ease from within the application with just a click of a button.
 download stories mginsta
install sroty mginsta
  • Opening thumbnails, as this feature is not enabled in the original version of the application.
Zoom profile photo instagram MG
Zoom profile photo instagram
  • MG Insta supports the Arabic language, where you will find that all the menus and phrases in the golden application are in the correct Arabic language.
  • Easily copy and translate comments by clicking on any comment and then clicking on the option to copy or translate.
  • Find out who is following you on mg insta .
  • Also, Mahmoud Al-Jadoa’s Instagram is free of ads.
  • Hide stories display in mg instagram.
  • The ability to verify the account.
  • Solve all problems of the old version.
  • Instagram font change feature.
  • Increased video size duration in stories from 15 seconds to 60 seconds.
  • Highlight the download.
  • Solve the problem of hiding the display of stories.
  • Fixed a live ghost mode issue.

Frequently asked questions about mginsta+

How do I save a download from Instagram to my gallery?

Do not worry, as Instagram Gold mginsta+ allows you to upload photos from Instagram to your photo gallery, by clicking on the three dots and then choosing Download.

Upload the image to mginsta+
Upload the image to mginsta+

How to download video from Instagram story?

To be able to download a video from Instagram Stories, it is very easy by downloading mginsta apk. You will be able to download the status with the song, by clicking on the three dots at the top, then clicking on Download as shown in the image below:

 download video story mg insta free
download video from Instagram story

How do you download other people’s Instagram reels?

To be able to download Instagram reels, it is very easy through mg Instagram, by clicking on the three dots, then clicking on download as shown in the picture below:

download mg instagram reels
download Instagram reels

In the end

MG Insta is one of the Instagram Plus applications that has proven its presence among users. After we have provided you with these features, do not hesitate to use it to enjoy it. If you have a question or comment, you can tell us about it through the comments below.



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