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Application Information AlphaIns

  • Application name AlphaIns
  • Version 16
  • Author AlphaIns
  • Operating System Android
  • Release Date 2022-11-29
  • License Free
  • Size 37 MB
  • Supported Languages English

Sharing photos and videos and making video calls, is one of the features of Instagram, what if you try Instagram Alpha Plus, the application that offers many features, there are none of the Instagram Alpha features in Instagram in the store. After my experience with the Insta Alpha application, it was necessary to write this article. and to provide a lot of features that serve Instagram users. If you want to download the latest version of Instagram Alpha 2023 . you are in the right place, the download link is in the paragraph below.

Download Instagram alpha plus

Instagram alpha plus

Now you can share photos and videos via Instagram Alpha. the application that allows you to use all the features within the application. in addition to the new features within the application. share with your friends videos, photos, videos, and everything that is new.

What is the Instagram Alpha app?

Insta Alpha: One of the modified versions of Instagram Plus on Instagram. the application is characterized by the features that it offers to its users. through which it is possible to download photos. videos, and all media from chats, as well as the feature of hiding watching stories and reading messages.

Download Instagram Alpha URL

advanced settings

advanced settings

What does Instagram offer?

Instagram Alpha offers a lot of features that benefit users, perhaps these features made the application a stop for the attention of many Insta users. Of course. you thought in advance about downloading the Insta Story, and downloading the Rails from Instagram on your mobile. These simple features are part of a lot that intsagram alpha offers. which We will list them in the list of Instagram features.

Instagram Alpha Features

  1. Save photos and videos from Instagram to mobile directly.
  2. Upload profile picture to any insta account.
    Alpha Instagram

    zoom and download photo profile

  3. Hide watching live broadcasts.
  4. download story.
    save story

    save story

  5. Instagram bio copy.
  6. Hide read messages.
  7. Translate comments.
  8. Hide presence in groups.
  9. Preview images before downloading.
  10. Download another non-original Instagram app.
  11. Hide View Stories.
    insta alpha

    Hide View Stories

Disadvantages of insta alpha

Not available on play store.

how to download instagram alpha

In Insta Alpha, the download is very easy, simple steps make you join Instagram Alpha users, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the download button at the top.
  2. Install Instagram Alpha on your mobile, after the download is completed.
  3. Then log in to your own account.

Explain the features of Instagram Alpha

alpha instagram

privcy alpha instagram

Save photos and videos from Instagram

Through the Instagram Alpha application, you can download videos and photos for free, and in a very simple way, all you have to do is click on the download button below the video or video.

Hide on instagram

There is a ghost mode in Alpha Instagram. this mode that includes a lot of hiding operations within the Instagram application. the most important of which are:

Hide View Messages

In the Instagram application and among the features. Your friend will not know that you have read the messages, by hiding the view of the messages.

Hide watching live broadcast

If you want to watch the live broadcast without the knowledge of its owner. all you have to do is use the Insta Alpha application. which provides you with this feature, the owner of the live broadcast on Instagram will not know that you are following his broadcast.

Watching instagram stories without the owner knowing

Have you ever thought about watching any Instagram story without knowing its owner, through the Instagram Alpha program . you can do that. Activate the invisibility feature very simply.

The most important competitors of Instagram Alpha

There are many Instagram Plus applications competing with the Insta Alpha application, you can learn about the following applications: insta gold , honista , gb insta, insta pro.



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