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download Sunista instagram last version

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Sunista, which is a new Instagram application, offers awesome features for Android users, and the Sunista application is completely free, as it has achieved great popularity among Instagram users. Sunista fans resort to using the features available in it, where its users can download Instagram stories, as well as Hide watching Instagram status, with this feature you can watch Instagram stories without the owner knowing, so if you want to download Sunista on mobile, you are in the right place.

On the other hand, the programmer team for the Sunista application introduced many new features, which you may not find in other Instagram Plus applications, for example, you will find in Sunista the feature of changing the Instagram font, iPhone lines, and decorative lines for Insta, as well as the voice change feature in sunista, to learn more about the application Sunsta, follow this article with me.

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What is Sunsta app?

It is a modified application on Instagram, which is available in the Play Store, and supports users of Android phones. The application has capabilities that you will not find in the original application from Instagram. All fonts and emojis are found in the Sunsta program.

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Sunista download latest version

The demand of many phone users for the Sunista application lies in the fact that it provides unique services and features, and due to the large number of unique features, the satisfaction of users with the application has become very high, for example, downloading the status of Instagram is very important, as well as hiding watching the Instagram story, as for the security service and setting a security code And an Instagram lock to protect the account from intruders.

How to download Sunista on mobile

Through the link at the top, after clicking on it, you will be able to download Sunista directly to your mobile phone, all you have to do after that is to log in to Instagram Sunista, the Sunista download command is very easy, and it is also considered free, without any costs for entering the application.

Features of Sunista for Android:

  1. Ability to choose emoji (ios, facebook, twitter).
  2. Remove suggested posts button.
  3. Direct Mode Hide (read messages, view stories).
  4. The story stops and continues.
  5. Hide watching live broadcast.
  6. Dark theme (night mode).
  7. Telling songs on the phone in the form of professional videos with birthday, happy, sad.
  8. Move the video forward and backward.
  9. View the full IGTV in the post.
  10. Forward messages.
  11. Animate texts in story making.
  12. Hidden highlight pin feature.
  13. Cut video to create cut.
  14. Show when the message was sent Self-registration of any message in the chat by pressing your finger on the message Enable the hidden reply feature in the chat (replay).
  15. Create a story professionally (edit time, cut, adjust speed, insert music).
  16. Instagram password reset.
  17. Fingerprint login Find out who unfollowed you on Instagram.
  18. Show unfollow and follow insta story.
  19. Download post image with text.
  20. Upload the published video with the text.
  21. Enlarge and upload a profile picture.
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    download profile photo sunista

  22. Copy the “Description” text of the post.
  23. Copy comments.

Changes in Sunista version 10.1:

  • Android 12 dynamic theme.
  • Changing the icon and name of the program to other icons so that it is not clear.
  • Two-way chat encryption (even if someone logs into your Instagram, they cannot read the chats).
  • Activating the possibility of sharing other people’s stories.
  • Fix the download problem.
  • improve problems.

The best competing apps for Sanista

As you know, we have all versions of Instagram Plus on our website, which would provide services to Instagram users, and in this article Sansta is one of the most important Instagram applications, but it is considered a strong competitor to other applications such as: Instagram Gold, Insta Pro, GB Insta, Insta Kira, Instander You can download all of these applications from our website with direct links.

Additional Sunista features:

  • Repost posts with texts, photos and videos.
  • Play video posts in the phone’s internal player.
  • Open photo posts in the Gallery app.
  • Download IGTV videos with text.
  • Play IGTV videos in the phone’s internal player.
  • Download images, video and live audio.
    insta sunista

    download post insta sunista

  • One-time upload photos and videos in Direct, without opening them.
  • Set desired image for message background.
  • Download stories (videos and images).
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    save story sunista

  • Zoom in on users’ profile pictures in the comments.
  • Prevent autoplay of video stories.
  • Show theme option in main Instagram settings.
  • Publish the created story as a post.
  • Put multiple images in the story.
  • Send comments to direct messages to others.
  • Choose the background color of the story from the color wheel.
  • Prevent autoplay of videos (internet consumption will be greatly reduced) Writing in beautiful Nasta’liq script in stories.
  • Activate the story mute button.
  • Hidden feature of the collective story.
  • Prevent notifications from being sent when a screenshot of a live timer is taken.
  • Show notifications for downloads.
  • Activate the new look for Insta Put an avatar in profile pictures.
  • Send stickers and gifs View the list of connected users in Direct.
  • Enable developer settings (as requested by professional Sanista users).


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