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Everyone knows Omar the application developer, after he succeeded in developing the version of WhatsApp Plus Omar, now he is looking at us in the version of Instagram Omar Plus, Insta Omar is one of the most famous versions of Instagram Plus at all, I noticed a great interest in people recently. So, I wanted to write to you here about the new Insta Omar application, and I also provided you with a link to download Instagram Omar, the latest version.

If we talk about Insta Omar, the conversation goes on about the fantastic features that the application offers, everything that is new on Instagram. Also, everything you would like to be available within the Insta, the developer Omar Badeb provides it in its modern version, so let us find out what is going on in the world of Insta Omar, the maroon and blue.

What is OBInstagram

The Instagram Omar program is one of the most famous versions of Instagram Plus, which belongs to the developer Omar Badeb Al-Yamani, a social networking application for messaging and publishing videos and photos. It has a lot of features such as downloading from Instagram, as well as a lot of features that we will talk about here.

Instagram Omar download link

omar insta 2023

download instagram omar

OBInsta version V5.5

  1. Added A shortcut button for OBInsta Settings on the main screen of Instagram.
  2. Added Feature of opening external links.
  3. Re-Add Copy the bio feature by long pressing on the text.
  4. Fixed Problem of the download videos button not appearing in chats.
  5. Re-add Story sharing feature.
  6. Fixed All crashing issues.

What’s new in insta omar

In the new Instagram update, you will find all the recent additions, so let us tell you about the most important new additions in the new version:

download instagram omer

react to stories omar insta

  1. Add the Holy Quran in the new update.
  2. Copying and publishing any Quranic verse.
  3. Add new languages.
  4. All instagram plugins are there.
  5. Fix crash problems.

Solve the problem of logging in to instagram omar

In the last update of the Instagram Omar application, the problem of logging in through Facebook was solved, as many users of the version were suffering from this problem in the recent period, in case you suffer from this problem, download the latest version of obinstagram from this article.

How to download Instagram Omar Bazeeb

install obinsta

install obinsta

In order to install Insta Omar, you must follow these steps:

  1. Click on the download button at the top.
  2. Then install the application on your phone.
  3. Open the Instagram Omar App on your phone, then log in, or create a new account.

Features of Instagram Omar

  1. Download all photos and videos from Instagram to mobile.
    download reel insta omar

    download reel insta omar

  2. Download insta story audio.
    save story insta omar

    download instagram story

  3. Hide View Story.
  4. Read messages without the sender knowing.
  5. Copy and translate comments.
  6. Download multiple photos at once.
  7. Bio copy.
  8. Activate alerts for some friends.
  9. Change instagram theme and colors.
  10. Zoom the profile picture of any account.
    instagram omar

    open insta omar profile

  11. Find out who is not following you on Instagram.

The most prominent disadvantages of Insta Omar

  1. Some users are faced with logging in to Instagram through Facebook.
  2. The app is not available in the Google Play Store.
  3. There is no lite version for Instagram Omar.

The most important things you can do on Instagram Omar

  1. Post photos and videos. Message friends.
  2. Make voice and video calls with you friends.
  3. Share videos and photos in Instagram stories. Interact with stories.

Instagram Omar alternative

From a personal point of view. you may like the Instagram Omar application or you may not, so I wanted to share with you some other applications of the Instagram Plus program. which are considered one of the best alternatives to the Insta Omar application, which are: GBInsta , OGInsta , Instagram Gold , Aero Insta , insta x , honista.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Insta Omar

How old is instagram?

Developer Omar Badeb started developing the version from 2018.

Is the Insta Omar app available for iPhone?

Unfortunately, there is no Instagram Omar app that supports iPhone phones.

Is it possible to download Instagram Omar on a computer?

Of course, you can take advantage of the application on your laptop or computer, through the Android emulator.

How can I download Instagram Omar on my tablet or iPad

Through the Instagram Omar download link above, it can be downloaded on the tablet, but on the iPad it is not possible, because the application is not available on the iOS operating system.



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