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Instagram Mod is an application that has become famous, and many of its fans all over the world. It follows the Instagram program, but it has been developed to add new features. Insta users resented the default application of Instagram, and now it is Insta Mod’s turn to offer users tremendous advantages. These features would To give them the freedom to download from Instagram for free, and hide watching Insta stories with ease, if you want to download insta mod for Android, follow me.

download insta mod

download insta mod

What is Insta Mod?

Insta mod is a messaging and social networking program, to share photos and videos, through which you can stay connected with friends, as well as post photos and videos instantly, or share stories via Instagram with the addition of filters on photos. As for Insta Mod, it is one of the modified versions of Instagram Plus on the Instagram application. With many features added to it that serve its users. Which we are now familiar with.

What does Insta Mod offer to its users?

Instagram Mod users in particular, who are not traditional Instagram users, enjoy a lot of the features available to them. which are concerned with providing the ability to download the Instagram stories, as well as in hiding watching stories, etc. Blockbuster, you find that users accept in large quantities. Try the Instagram mod and I advise you to try the app as well.

Features instagram mod

Features instagram mod

Instagram mod without ads

Some of the Instagram Plus applications that compete with Insta Mod display ads in the application, this is a bit annoying for users, while the insta mod is completely free of ads, you will not see any ads while using the modified Instagram mod application, so enjoy the world of Instagram without disturbance.

Don’t let your friends know by watching their stories

Are you thinking of watching the Instagram story without the knowledge of its owner, now in the modified application Instagram mod you can do that, to watch the stories in the Instagram, and no one will know that you saw the story, this is a great feature worth trying, as well as activating it is very easy, you have to enter the settings and then stories, and then hide watching stories.

Protect Instagram with your fingerprint

You may have always been thinking about how to make a fingerprint lock for Instagram, if you use intsa mod you had to use this great feature, now in the update of instamod you can add fingerprint as a lock for insta, visit settings and then lock instagram, and automatically the feature will be activated, but you have to You own a phone that supports a fingerprint.

What can insta mod hide?

Here in Instagram Mod the invisibility mod, which the application supports in parts, and it goes as follows:

Instagram mod privacy control

Instagram mod privacy control

  1. Hide View Stories.
  2. and hide writing.
  3. Well hide read messages.
  4. Hide being in the group.
  5. And hide watching live broadcasts.

With a click of a button, save your media from Instagram to mobile

settings download InstaMod

settings download InstaMod

The idea of ​​​​the Instagram application is to share photos and videos, whether in conversations, in stories, or in the form of publications, and because the InstaMod application supports downloading from Instagram to mobile, let me tell you something “All Instagram media, whether in conversations or in stories Or in publications, it can be downloaded on mobile”, as well as in all forms of media, whether videos, images, audio clips, and texts, it seems to your mind the question: “Can stories be downloaded with audio and rails as well?” Of course yes the story that one of your friends posted on his Instagram account, and he put music, the story and the music will be downloaded together.

The most important versions of Instagram mod

There are many Instagram mod apps for mobile, let me tell you about some of them: instagram gold , oginsta . insta gb . instagram plus.

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