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Application Information Honista

  • Application name Honista
  • Version 8
  • Author nakheelteam
  • Operating System Android
  • Release Date 2024-01-06
  • License Free
  • Size 78MB
  • Supported Languages English

ios instagram apk free

You must have seen the Instagram version on the iPhone, and you want this version to be on your Android phone. The look that Instagram enjoys on the iPhone is beautiful and attractive, especially the iPhone font for Instagram and iOS Instagram emoji. These features are already present in the Instagram version “honista” that we are talking about today. If you want to download ios Instagram for Android, you can do so through the link above.

instagram iphone for android
instagram iphone for android

What is instagram ios for android?

It is an Instagram Plus version modified with the iPhone theme, bearing the look and feel of Instagram iPhone. But it can be downloaded to any mobile that supports the Android operating system. Lots of ios fonts and emojis are available in it.

Other than that, it allows you to enjoy the features of Instagram Plus, and the additions that are not found in the normal Instagram, such as downloading the insta status, and downloading photos and videos.

Is Instagram different for Android and iOS?

In terms of core services, the app is largely the same on both platforms, with the same features and UI. However, there are some minor differences such as notifications: the way notifications are displayed on the app may differ between Android and iOS, camera features as the cameras on these devices can differ in quality and capabilities.

honista instagram apk download

What’s new in iOS Instagram?

  1. Update Base to 303.
  2. Add Instagram Icon to Icons List.
  3. Implement Bug Fix Page including tools for Reset All Instagram Configs, Export Server Configs, Replace Configs.
  4. Fix Bugs.
  5. New Options Added to Instagram Secret Options.

Instagram Plus iPhone appearance

Many are looking for adding ios instagram emoji and iOS Instagram font for Android. in every new version of Instagram we find that there are many new fonts and new emoji. In this article, we offer you the best application that support ios instagram for android emoji and font.

Instagram iOS emoji for Android

After you finish downloading the application, you will notice that there are many features within the application. But one of the most important is the ability to obtain ios instagram for android emoji, the latest version of iOS 16, which will contain the latest most used iOS Instagram emoji.

emoji iphone instagram for android
emoji iphone for android

How can I use iOS Emojis on Instagram Android?

To Download Instagram ios emoji for android free click on the link above. then follow the next steps:

  • Install the application on your mobile.
  • Open the app and log in to your Instagram account, if you don’t have an account, create a new one.
  • Open the honista app.
    Instagram ios emoji for android download free
  • Go to Honista app settings.
  • Choose the theme & UI option.
    ios instagram for android emoji
  • Select the Emoji Type.
    Instagram iOS emoji for Android
  • Select the ios 16 emoji pack.
    emoji iphone instagram for android

iOS Instagram font for Android

The Honista application is known for the quality of its development and compatibility with all phones, in addition to the effectiveness of the tools and functions available in it. Continuous updates are made to improve the application. Now you can use iOS Instagram font for Android 2024 for App Font and Story Font. follow this steps to do that:

  • Open the honista app.
  • Go to Honista app settings.
  • Choose the theme & UI option.
  • If you want to add a new font to change the app font, select the App Font . But if you want to add a new font to change the story font, select Add Story Font .
    change instagram font android
  • select the font you want.
    ios fonts instagram

iPhone font for Instagram story

The matter did not stop at the application font only, it is now possible to change the font of the Insta Story, the matter is very easy, all you have to do is go to the settings and then choose to change the add story font, and choose the font you like.

iOS Instagram Story font download
iOS Instagram Story font

Why does Instagram look better on iOS?

When you take a photo or video through the Instagram app on Android, the app takes a screenshot of what is displayed on the phone screen. It does not use the phone’s camera, unlike iPhones, so you find that Instagram Stories on Android phones are not as pure as they are on iPhones.



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