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Download ios Instagram for Android

ios Instagram for Android
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You must have seen the Instagram version on the iPhone, and you want this version to be on your Android phone. The look that Instagram enjoys on the iPhone is beautiful and attractive, especially the iPhone line on Instagram. These features are already present in the Instagram version that we are talking about today. If you want to download ios Instagram for Android, you can do so through the link below.

What is Instagram iPhone for Android?

It is an Instagram Plus version modified with the iPhone theme, bearing the look and feel of Instagram iPhone. But it can be downloaded to any mobile that supports the Android operating system. Lots of Android fonts are available in it.

Other than that, it allows you to enjoy the features of Instagram Plus, and the additions that are not found in the normal Instagram, such as downloading the insta status, and downloading photos and videos.

Download link ios Instagram for Android

instagram iphone for android

instagram iphone for android

Instagram Plus iPhone appearance

The shape of the icons and settings on the iPhone are the same as those found in Insta Mix, which supports the appearance of the iPhone, and this either makes the application a stop for users’ attention, as the attractive shape and colors of the application from the inside, not to mention the iPhone’s Facebook and emoji, which we will talk about now.

Instagram emoji iPhone Android

emoji iphone instagram for android

emoji iphone instagram for android

I’m like you too, I like emoji facebook, but I have an Android phone, so I would like to have an application that supports the beautiful iPhone emoji, and I want to use it in my Instagram only on Android, and we all know that there is a difference between Android and iPhone emoji, there are emojis in iPhone also not available On Android, so I’d like to tell you that we’ve found the solution. And together, we can try out the new app.

Change instagram font and story line

The matter did not stop at the application font only, it is now possible to change the font of the Insta Story, the matter is very easy, all you have to do is go to the settings and then choose to change the font, and choose the font you like.

Features of ios instagram for android

  1. The appearance of Instagram iPhone emoji iPhone and iPhone fonts.
  2. Download photos and videos
  3. Download the live broadcast and edit it before downloading.
  4. Find out who is following you and who is unfollowing
  5. View images in high resolution, without affecting them and reducing quality.
  6. Zoom in and save profile pictures – profile picture for any account.
  7. Copy texts from posts, or even personal files, and anywhere there is text.
  8. Zoom in and out of published photos.
  9. Hide View Story.

How to download Instagram on iPhone for Android

  • First you have to click on the download link at the top.
  • Then install the application on your mobile.
  • Log in to your account, if you do not have an account, create a new account.
  • Enjoy the best new features in every Instagram update for iPhone for Android.

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