Download Instagram Stories with Voice

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Download Instagram Stories with Voice

There are a lot of Instagram stories we like, but can we upload them? Especially if the Instagram story is a video and has audio, is it possible to download the Instagram story? Of course yes, after trying many ways to save instagram story. You learned how to download Insta stories, as well as get the best way to download Instagram stories with audio. This is what its insta users have been looking for, as the feature to download instagram statuses is not available in the official app. And more than that, a lot of talk about ideas. Therefore, I wrote this article for you, to know the best correct and short methods.

What is an instagram story?

First, let me translate the meaning for you in Arabic, where the word “Story” means “Story” in English. Which means story, and attributed the Instagram story, any Instagram story.

Instagram Stories: Cases through which Instagram users express scenes filmed or posted by users. It remains for 24 hours from the time of publication, then is archived. After the last update of Instagram, it became available to interact with her, and respond to these stories.

3 best ways to save instagram stories

There are a lot of general ways people know, about downloading Insta Story. But we list the most important of these methods, and the best of all.

How to download Instagram story online

This is the most effective method. You can download Instagram status without programs or applications. The whole idea is that you copy the link and then download the Instagram story with a direct link. To find out how , follow these steps:

Download instagram story online

Download instagram story online

  1. Log in to the account you want to download the Instagram status for.
  2. Then copy the account link.
  3. Log in to the Instagram save site from here .
  4. Choose Download Story.
  5. Paste the account link, then the download button.

Features of downloading insta story online

  • Save instagram story in high quality.
  • Download full instagram story audio.
  • Download instagram story from private or public account.
  • You do not need external applications.

How to download Instagram story through Instagram Plus

One of the features of Instagram Plus is the download of the insta status. In order not to forget what Instagram Gold and other modified Instagram versions offer. Here we are talking about Insta Plus, and how to download the Instagram story through it. Follow the steps:

Download Instagram status via Insta Plus

Download Instagram status via Insta Plus

  1. Through Instagram Plus, enter the Instagram account you want to download the Instagram status for.
  2. Then log in to the story.
  3. At the top of the screen you will find 3 dots, i.e. options, click on them and then choose download.

Features of downloading insta status via Instagram Plus

  1. Direct download through the same account.
  2. Download the story in high quality.
  3. Download instagram story audio.

Disadvantages of downloading the Insta story through Instagram Plus

  • You can’t download Instagram account status from private accounts you don’t follow.
  • You need to download the application to your mobile phone

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