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The Instagram application, which is the most famous of all, and which provides social messaging service, not to mention the best service for displaying daily events by publishing videos and photos, as well as publishing stories and relays, and it also provides many services such as messaging between friends, but it must be lacking in services, Until Al-Kaser’s Instagram came, which provides additional services that are not found in the Instagram in the store, you can, by download insta alkaser, fully control the privacy of the application, and download from Instagram for mobile.

If you have previously heard about the application, then I invite you to continue reading the article. There must be some things that you have not heard about before. Everything that goes on in AlKaser Instagram can be found in this article. We also provide you with a direct download insta alkaser link and all information about Al-Kaser Instagram.

What is AlKaser Instagram?

It is a modified Insta application on Instagram that is available in the store on Google Play. It provides free services to facilitate the use of Instagram. Insta AlKaser account can be linked with Facebook and other applications. Insta AlKaser is called KInsta, which is the perfect abbreviation for this wonderful application.

What does Alkasir Instagram offer?

Insta AlKaser offers many advantages that made the application a great position. The application facilitates the use of Insta. It came with solutions to the problems of Instagram in the store, whose users are suffering from preventing downloading of videos and photos, and hiding watching the status of Insta, but what Insta AlKaser does is the opposite. It allows you to download and save all the media on Instagram, as well as hide viewing and reading messages, and watching Instagram stories, there are many other features that you will get to know in this article.

What phones does Kinsta support?

Some may ask what operating systems are supported by Insta AlKaser? Everyone knows that the most popular operating systems are Android, Windows and iOS, where Instagram AlKaser supports the Android operating system, all Android phones such as Samsung, Shawi, Huawei and other phones, you can download Insta AlKaser Free and easy.

As for Insta AlKaser for the iPhone, it is very difficult. There was no application available at all for AlKaser Instagram for the iPhone, and this is because the developer did not develop the insta AlKaser version for the iPhone. It must be noted here after clicking on any link to Instagram AlKaser for the iPhone. This is definitely a fake link and does not support phones iPhone or its versions.

As for AlKaser Instagram for Windows or the computer, through Android emulators, you can easily download AlKaser Instagram, and use the application on your computer or laptop, but there is no Instagram AlKaser application on the Microsoft Store at all.

Features of the gold Kinsta

Insta AlKaser has many features, let me write to you, the most prominent of which are:

  1. Save photos and videos from Instagram to mobile with sound as well.
    download instagram alkaser

    download photo instagram alkaser

  2. Download Rails.
  3. Save the Instagram story on the mobile, whether it is an image or a video.
    download insta king

    download story insta king

  4. Open and enlarge the Instagram account picture.
    download insta alkaser

    download photo profile insta

  5. Translate comments.
  6. Copy insta bio.
  7. Play audio with video automatically.
  8. Preview photos and videos before downloading.
  9. Find out who follows you and who doesn’t follow you on Instagram.

Highlight the changes in the gold Kaser insta update

  1. Update the market base version to the latest update.
  2. Add all the features of Instagram in the store.
  3. Show hidden chats by long clicking on the search box.
  4. New app lock design.
  5. Solve all issues related to the previous update.

How many copies does Instagram AlKaser provide?

There are two modified Instagram applications developed by AlKaser, which is a modified version that is an alternative to the official one, which must delete the original version from the phone, and a copy of the golden Instagram Kaser, which works alongside the original Instagram or the alternative KInstagram, and it is not required to delete the application from the phone.

Is the download insta alkaser Insta AlKaser application free?

Of course, the application offers all its services for free, so you can enjoy using the application for free, by downloading the application through the link attached above.

Insta AlKaser is safe or not?

Don’t worry about the security of the app, Instagram alkaser is safe and against the ban.

Author’s opinion on KInsta

As a personal opinion, I tried the application, and I found it very cool, and I advise others to use it. I found fans of the developer of KInsta, especially after their experience with its modified applications. They prefer to use AlKaser Instagram as well, noting that there are other applications for Instagram such as Gold Instagram, Honista, or Instagram Pro.



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