GB Instagram Pro For Android & IOS Download


Application Information GBInsta

  • Application name GBInsta
  • Version 7
  • Author Elhindi
  • Operating System Android
  • Release Date 2023-09-08
  • License Free
  • Size 73MB
  • Supported Languages English

Surely you have heard about GB Instagram, the latest version, this application that serves its users to benefit from Instagram, and control the application completely, GB Insta is the oldest application among the versions of Instagram, as the GB Instagram application began since the first version with the additions of downloading Instagram stories, Likewise, hiding the viewing of stories, and today there is a daily update for the GB Instagram APK application, especially since in the latest update the GB Instagram iPhone theme became available, and to Download GB Instagram 2024, follow me in this article.

Download GB Instagram

GB Instagram

What’s new in GBInsta version V7.0:

  1. Base update
  2. Show Deleted Messages.
  3. Fixed:
    1. Problem of the disappearance call button in the conversation.
    2. Many Random Crash.
  4. Added:
    1. Roll call.
    2. Stickers.
    3. Quick reply.
    4. Voice message, press and hold to record.
    5. Share shop products.

Why I Need to Download GBInstagram ?

GBInstagram is a similar version for original Instagram with many new features, with GBInsta you can download media, use 2 Instagram app for 2 Account on same device, we always give you new update for GBInsta, so enjoy to use this amazing app.

GBInsta download requirements

  • Android mobile version 4.4 and above.
  • 58MB of storage space.

GB Instagram features

  1. Instagram stories download.

    Download GB Instagram Pro

    save story insta

  2. Hide viewing insta stories.
  3. Preview the image in full screen mode.
  4. Supports external players on the device.
  5. Safe to use.
  6. Copy and translate comments.
  7. Enlarge your Instagram profile picture.
  8. Customise the appearance of the application.
  9. Download photos and videos from Instagram to mobile.

    Download GB Instagram

    Download photos and videos from Instagram.

  10. Hide seen and read messages.

The importance of gb insta plus

The importance of a well-known application lies in what the application offers, in fact I also use the application, this is what made me write about it, and if you asked for my advice, I sincerely invite you to also download gb insta plus on your mobile, this is what makes you use Instagram professionally, when you Download Instagram stories in high quality, and download Instagram videos, isn’t it professional?

Download GB Instagram iPhone

There are a lot of Android phone users who want to use the GB iPhone style app, and write in Instagram stories with an iPhone font, and this is what GB Insta 2024 does, is changing the Instagram font to various fonts, as well as changing the Instagram theme, if you want to get an Instagram iPhone For Android, there are a lot of applications that I talked about before, as well as there are a lot of modified applications in Instagram that compete with the GB Insta application, such as Insta Gold.

How to update gb insta through our website

Since you are on our site, you are in the right place, and I invite you to keep on this page to refer again to it, in this paragraph related to updating the GB Insta 2024 latest version, so follow with me how to update the GP Insta: When you visit us again here, click on the download button. Then install the latest version of Instagram Plus GB 2024. Open gbinsta on your mobile and enjoy the latest added features.

Previous changes in GB Instagram

GBInsta version V6.0

  1. Base update
  2. Added All the new Instagram features.
  3. Share Button In Post.
  4. Enable Channels Option.
  5. Fixed All crashing issues.
  6. More Fixes and improvements, discover it yourself.

What’s new in GBInsta version V5.5

  1. Added A shortcut button for GBInsta Settings on the main screen of Instagram.
  2. Added Feature of opening external links.
  3. Re-add Story sharing feature.
  4. Re-Add Copy the bio feature by long pressing on the text.
  5. Fixed Problem of the download videos button not appearing in chats.
  6. Fixed All crashing issues

GBInsta version V3.10

  1. Base Update Instagram to
  2. Added All the new Instagram features.
  3. Improve Story size increase feature.
  4. Added An option to change the shape of the stories in the circular and square shape from GBInsta Settings > Enhancement > Change Stories Layout.
  5. Fixed The problem of stories appearing in square shape.
  6. Return The feature of changing fonts and adding iPhone fonts.
  7. Fixed the problem of crashing when opening the application.
  8. Fixed Several random crashes and crashes.
  9. Fixed Download Reels button.

New in GB Insta V2.50

  1. Instagram base update to
  2. Add all the new Instagram features.
  3. Show hidden chats by long pressing on the search box.
  4. Add a new design to the app lock option.
  5. Remove fast video forwarding by Instagram
  6. Developer options fix
  7. Solve the problem of crash when changing the language in Android 12
  8. Fix all crash problems

GBInsta Version 2.30 Features

  1. Download images and videos.
  2. You can download photos and videos from the Story.
  3. Ability to share / copy image and video links.
  4. Add several options to change the color (s) of the conversations and conversations screen.
  5. You can copy comments.
  6. Added Themed Comments page (Mod 3.x)



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