Zoom in and save Instagram profile picture

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Zoom in and save Instagram profile picture

By reading this article, you can enlarge your Instagram profile picture. Also, save the Instagram profile picture. If you are thinking of downloading and enlarging the Instagram profile picture for your friend, you should follow this explanation. These are the ways, and choosing one of them, and noting that you can Instagram profile picture zoom of a private Instagram account from here.


What is the importance of enlarging the Instagram profile picture?

The importance of instagram photo enlargement is to open the profile picture of any account. Many are facing this problem in the official Instagram app. But here we list the best ways for you to be able to open and enlarge the Instagram profile picture. Perhaps the most important benefit of this is to get any profile picture and save it in the phone gallery.

Open a private Instagram account

There was a question that preoccupies the reader here, is it possible to enlarge the image of a private account on Instagram. Of course yes, all methods described here, include both private and public accounts.

3 best ways to save, download and enlarge the profile picture in Instagram

The first method: Enlarge the Instagram image through Google

Through Google, you can enlarge the image of any Instagram account, and this method is exclusive to our site. With this, you can open the insta account picture through Google. this way:

Insta profile photo

Insta profile photo


  1. Copy the name of the account whose personal photo you want to open.
  2. Go to google and paste the name and search for it.
  3. In the list of photos, his profile picture will appear.
  4. Click on the image, and by long clicking on it, save it to the gallery.

The second method: Enlarge the Instagram image through Instagram Plus

We all know Instagram Plus. For non-users of Insta Plus, you can get the Instagram Plus version , or get the Instagram Gold from our website. As we have already talked about the first method through Google. You can also enlarge the Instagram image through Instagram Plus. The method is as follows:

Instagram profile photo download

Instagram profile photo download


  1. Go to the account whose profile picture you want to enlarge.
  2. Click and hold on the profile picture.
  3. If you want to save the image, tap and hold again.

The third method: Enlarge the Instagram image online – Insta save site

We come to the next step, dear reader, which is to enlarge the Instagram image online, you do not need to download any application at all, all you need is to follow the following steps, then get a profile picture on your phone, the steps:

Instagram profile viewer

Instagram profile viewer

  1. Copy the Instagram account link, you want to save and enlarge his profile picture.
  2. Go to the Instagram save site from here , then paste the link.
  3. Choose the option to enlarge the profile picture, then save the image.

Advantages of ways to save and open the image in Instagram

  1. Save Instagram profile picture in high quality.
  2. Open the original Instagram photo square

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