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how to copy instagram bio

There is a description in the instagram profile. You may like someone’s description on Instagram, and in the nature of the matter, the Instagram bio copy feature is not present in the original Instagram. Therefore, I wrote this comprehensive explanation for you, in order to know how to copy the bio of Instagram directly. Also learn how to copy or translate comments.

What is instagram bio?

BIO Instagram: Profile description of Instagram users. Writes by accessing the profile settings, a simple explanation of the content you provide. Or what is going on in your mind, you tell visitors about you.

how to copy instagram bio

There is more than one way to get copies of your Insta bio. Here we list more than one method, follow these steps, and then start trying one of them.

copy instagram bio through google

From the Google browser, or through the computer, open your account on Instagram. This is one of the most common methods, in case you are using Insta from your computer, this method is for you.

Steps to download Instagram bio via computer

Copy instagram bio through browser

Copy instagram bio through browser

  1. Open the account on Google.
  2. With the mouse pointer, select the bio profile you want to copy, and then copy the bio.

How to copy insta bio through instagram plus

This is another way to save the bio of anyone you want. All you have to do is download Instagram Plus , or Instagram Gold . Then follow these steps:

Copy instagram bio through instaplus

Copy instagram bio through instaplus

  1. Go to the Instagram page where you want to copy the bio.
  2. Click and hold the bio, it will be copied automatically.

copy instagram comments

As for copying comments on Instagram. The same methods used above for copying bios are the same as for copying comments. For clarity, I will explain two things to you: The first is that you can copy Instagram comments from your computer. By opening your Insta account via Google, and the comment you want to copy, select it and then choose Copy.

Copy and translate Instagram comments

Copy and translate Instagram comments

As for the second thing: comments can be copied through Instagram Plus. Which provides the transcription feature through the app itself. All you have to do is open the comments, then select the comment, then choose Copy from the bottom of the comment.

translate instagram comments

If you need to translate a comment. Especially since we read the comment in a language we don’t speak. You will indeed need an interpretation method. And what Instagram Plus offers from the feature of translating comments, it saves you from copying the comment, and then going to Google Translate.

The translation button is now directly in the comments.

In the end

We hope that you will reach the goal easily, without complication. So if you encounter any problem, write it to us in the comments, you can also share this content with your friends

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