Download And update Instagram Gold V5.5

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Download And update Instagram Gold V5.5

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Download Instagram Gold InstaG+ for the developer Abo-Arab, which has added many features that you can’t find in the original Instagram. Many users have wished to have these features in the official Instagram such as downloading the stories or zoom profile pictures, but insta gold has these features and even more, Here you will get to know everything about Insta Gold or Instagold.

You are in an article that provides you with a link to download Instagram Gold, the latest version, there are different versions of Instagram, it may not work, but in this article the existing link works successfully, and the download is also considered free, and if you are wondering about the advantages of Instagram Gold, I will explain to you in the following paragraphs all the features Available and new, you can always visit us to find out everything new in the world of Instagram Gold 2023

What’s new in version V5.5

  • Added A shortcut button for InstaGold Settings on the main screen of Instagram.
  • Re-add Story sharing feature.
  • New Added Feature of opening external links.
  • Re-Add Copy the bio feature by long pressing on the text.
  • Fixed Problem of the download videos button not appearing in chats.
  • Fixed All crashing issues.

Note: The new update for the Instagram Gold 5.50 application came as a repair update.

instgram gold
instgram gold v5.5

Download Instagram Gold Plus

Insta Gold : Run a Second account next to the original IG, the version is 5.50 for Gold Insta.

instagram gold

instagram gold

Insta Plus Gold : This is an alternative to the official Instagram.

instagram plus gold

instagram plus gold

Explanation of the fonts feature in Insta Gold

After a long wait, the new feature has been added in Instagram Gold, the feature of changing the Instagram font, not only in the application. Rather, change the Instagram story line without the need to download other applications.

How to change the font of the instagold and the story insta

  • Go to the gold settings from the settings.
  • Then to the general settings.
  • choose the type of font.
  • There are many fonts, try the application you like.
  • You will find the font in your instagram story change automatically.

Why you should download Insta Gold from our site

You will need InstaGold APK for Android, So you have to use the official InstaGold website. Where you find a lot of other sites that offer fake Instagram gold links, so we recommend you to download Instagram Gold pro APK download from our site because we verify each file before providing it on this website.

Previous Updates in Insta Gold

  • Login to Instagram using Facebook.
  • Video and Voice call .
  • You can ask for the verification blue mark for your account.
  • Mention on your story.
  • Add music to your story.
  • Create themes for your Instagram.

Why You should use InstaG+ Instagram Gold Plus?

Mostly the main reason people use InstaG+ is that you will be able to: download Instagram stories, download Instagram photos or videos, view, and zoom Instagram profile pictures. But there are also other features if you download Instagram Golden you will be able to copy Bio, copy comments, and translate comments and chats.

Why two Copies of Instagram Gold Plus?

There are two copies of Insta Gold plus, which are: Instagram Plus (Instagram+) this one you can have if you are willing to give up your official Insta app because it is an alternative to the original Insta. The other one is Instagram Gold (InstaGold) this one you can have while still having the official Instagram on your phone.

Instagram Gold Plus Features

Save Photos and Videos

download Photos and Videos
download Photos and Videos

To download Instagram photos or videos you will find under each post on Instagram a download icon, if you click on it it will download it on your phone.

Download Instagram Story

save Instagram Story
save Instagram Story

To save any Instagram stories click on the three dots on the story then choose download.

Enlarge Photos

Enlarge Photos insta
Enlarge Photos insta

When you open any photo it will be opened on a frame, and you can easily enlarge it.

Open Instagram Profile Picture

zoom and Open Instagram Profile Picture
zoom and Open Instagram Profile Picture

A long click on the profile picture will open it, even if the account is private it will also open the big picture.

Copy Bio

Copy and Translate Comments
Copy and Translate Comments

You can copy the bio with a long click on it, a message will appear confirming the copy has been done.

Know who follows you

who follows you
who follows you

If you open any profile on Instagram you will see if they are following you or not.

Copy and Translate Comments

Translate and Copy Comments
Translate and Copy Comments

When you select any comment you will have two options the first to copy it and the other to translate it.

Play Sound with Video

You don’t need to open the video to be able to play the sound, from outside the video you can play them both together.

The most important questions about Gold instagram

Is Insta Gold safe?

Of course, Insta Gold is safe, even if you download it as apk.

Is Gold instagram updated?

Every now and then a new version of Insta Gold is downloaded, so keep this article to download the latest version.

Are there other versions of Instagram Plus?

On our site, we offer all modified versions of Instagram, the most important of which are: instagram plus, gbinsta, oginsta, aginsta.

All previous changes in insta

What’s new in instagram gold version V4.0

  1. Base update
  2. Added All the new Instagram features
  3. Added Video submission feature
  4. Added] some new icons
  5. Fixed The problem of collapsing in conversations
  6. Fixed All crashing issues

What’s new in Instagram Gold V3.0

  1. Base Update Instagram to
  2. All the new Instagram features.
  3. Add An option to change the shape of the stories in the circular and square shape of the additions, then reinforcement, then open the stories in full screen mode.
  4. Improve Story size increase feature.
  5. Return The feature of changing fonts and adding iPhone fonts.
  6. Fix The problem of stories appearing in square shape.
  7. Solve the problem of crashing when opening the application.
  8. Fix Download Rails button.
  9. Solve a problem Several random crashes and crashes

new in Insta Gold V2.90

  • Base Update
  • Fixed Reel Download Button.
  • Insta Gold fixes.

What’s new in Instagram Gold V2.80

  1. Base Update
  2. Remove Font Style Due To Some Crashes.
  3. Improve codes Improve.
  4. Fixed Many Random Crash

What’s new in Instagram Gold V5.0

  • Base update
  • All new Instagram features.
  • Take a screenshot without the other party knowing.
  • Re-watch any image without the knowledge of the other party.
  • Add new languages.
  • Hide that you have listened to the audio clip.
  • Solve the problem of crashing when uploading pictures in the conversation.
  • Fix all crash issues.
  • More fixes and improvements, discover it yourself.

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