Download BT Insta 2024


Application Information BTInsta

  • Application name BTInsta
  • Version 5.5
  • Author tahamohammd
  • Operating System Android
  • Release Date 2023-05-22
  • License Free
  • Size 65MB
  • Supported Languages English

What is BTinsta ?

BT Insta One of the most popular modified Instagram applications, Download BT Insta 2024 with many new features added to it as: hide instagram story view, download photos, videos, and reels in insta, copy the bio and comments, opening the profile picture of any account, even if it is private, and more about bt instagram.

features of bt insta gold 2023
features of bt insta gold

New additions after Download BT Insta V5.5

  1. Added Feature of opening external links.
  2. Re-add Story sharing feature.
  3. Added A shortcut button for BTInsta Settings on the main screen of Instagram.
  4. Re-Add Copy the bio feature by long pressing on the text.
  5. Fixed All crashing issues.
  6. Fixed Problem of the download videos button not appearing in chats.

What’s new in BTInsta ?

  1. Find out who is following you on Instagram.
  2. You can also remove posts you liked.
  3. Video autoplay.
  4. Send photos in high quality.
  5. Hide writing in messages.
  6. Adding new languages ​​to the application.
shortcut button BTInsta Settings
shortcut button BTInsta Settings

Insta bt solutions new update

  1. Action bar and navigation bar setting.
  2. Solve the problem of the disappearance of the option to download stories.
  3. Also fixed the problem of battery consumption

The Features of bt instagram download 2024

  • Instagram status download.
  • Hide instagram story view.
  • Download photos, videos, and Reels in Insta.
  • In bt insta can login through facebook.
  • more than one account through the penguin Instagram.
  • Hide reading insta messages.
  • Copy the bio, comments and translate.
  • Opening the profile picture of any account, even if it is private.
Features of bt instagram download 2023
Features of bt instagram download 2024

What are bt instagram versions?

there are two versions of Instagram penguin:

  • lnstagold BT
  • pink bt insta apk

and in fact we are talking about Instagram bt gold, most popular from Instagram BT pink Through this article, you can enjoy the best features at all.

bt instagram versions 2023
bt instagram versions 2024

How to access bt insta settings ?

  • Go to your Instagram profile.
  • Click the three lines at the top right of the screen
  • Choose bitInsta settings.
bt insta gold setting
bt insta setting

You can find many advantages in bt instagram download settings, such as: chat screen, privacy, enhancement, feed and stories, and download settings and more.

download bt insta 2023 - settings
bt insta settings

Privacy settings options in bt insta apk 2024

  • hide view stories.
  • don’t mark messages as read.
  • live ghost mode.
  • hide typing status in DM.
  • disable analytic
Privacy settings options in bt insta apk 2023
privacy in bt insta 2024

download photos and videos in bt insta gold

To learn how to upload photos and videos to Instagram. You should read the following items:

  1. Go to the photos or video you want to download.
  2. Then under the image you will find a button to download the image or video.
  3. Or by clicking on the three dots above, and then clicking on Download.
download photos and videos instabt
download photos and videos instabt

Instagram BT status download

After you view your friends’ story, you can download it directly, through the three dots that appear at the top of the screen, then a download option will appear in front of you, so you can then download Instagram stories.

download story insta bt
download story insta bt

Dark mode in insta BT apk 2024

You can switch to night mode through the home page of Instagram BT, through the sun icon located in the middle of the top of the screen. Just click on it and Instagram turns black. To cancel this mode, click again on the sun icon, and Insta BT returns to the official color.

BT apk 2023 dark theme applied
dark theme applied

Can I lock the Instagram BT app?

Yes, Instagram BT provides you with many settings that maintain the privacy of your account, which are as follows:

  • set pin code.
  • set hide chat lock.
  • set pin code timeout.
  • set background.
  • show chats notifications.
Instagram BT app lock
app lock

Find out who doesn’t follow you

Through Insta BT you will be able to find out, through an option that shows you whether this user is following you or not. Go to your Instagram friends’ profile and find out for yourself.

not follows you BTInsta apk
not follows you

Enlarge your Instagram profile picture

Log in to any page on Instagram, even if it is a private account, long press on the profile picture, it will appear to you in full size and in high quality, as in the following image:

zoom profile photo download BT insta 2023
zoom profile photo

special features in insta BT 2024

You will find many advantages, the most important of which are:

  • disable stories.
  • remove like posts from feed.
  • disable sponsoted posts.
  • carousel posts to first media.
  • remove carousel posts.
  • remove video posts.
  • remove seen posts… and more settings.
special features download insta BT 2023
special features

UI gestures in bt instagram download

Includes several settings:

  • enable double tap to like.
  • zoom photo on long tap.
  • disable swipe to navigate.
  • download media on triple tap.
  • enable video fast forwarding.
ui gestures BT insta 2023
ui gestures

More privacy on download bt insta

Where you will find options that increase the level of privacy in the application, such as:

  • hide view stories.
  • don’t mark messages as read.
  • live ghost mode.
  • hide typing status in DM.
  • enable anti screenshot.
  • enable anti reply image.
  • hide listen to voice message.
  • disable analytics.
privacy in bt insta 2023
privacy in bt insta 2024

feed and stories in bt insta 2024

There are several options for controlling the story, including:

  • play feed/reels video directly.
  • start video directly with sound.
  • play storiesvideo directly.
  • play stories always with sound.
  • disable stories outoskip.
  • show sound icon.
feed and stories in instagram BT
feed and stories

enhancement bt insta download

Here you can control several options such as: remove black borders in stories, improve photo quality, don’t crop stories, improve reels quality and more options.

enhancement BT instagram 2023

Alternative versions of BT insta

There are many competing versions of Instagram BT 2024, perhaps the most important of them are Instagram Gold , GB Instagram , and OG Insta, these are applications that have the same features, try one of them, and all of them are available on our website. So you find all copies as well as direct links to download.



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