Best official Instagram Plus alternative


Application Information Instagram Plus

  • Application name Instagram Plus
  • Version 8
  • Author 3ssem
  • Operating System Android
  • Release Date 2024-02-07
  • License Free
  • Size 78MB
  • Supported Languages English

The spread of Instagram Plus is constantly increasing, and we all know what Insta Plus offers and its always renewed additions, but its lack of presence in Google Play has left users confused, in getting to know the official Instagram Plus application, a safe and anti-ban alternative, so we provide you with the best original InstaPlus alternative Here, then the most important thing that distinguishes it from Instagram.

What is the official Instagram alternative?

Instagram Plus is the original alternative: a modified Instagram application, which can be downloaded only after deleting the original Instagram.

Instagram Plus official alternative download link

Instagram Plus the official alternative

Insta Plus the official alternative

How to install the original alternative to Instagram

  1. Download the alternative Insta Plus from the paragraph above.
  2. Install the application on the mobile.
  3. Then open the official Instagram Plus alternative.
  4. Enter the phone number and code sent to you.

Features of Instagram Plus, the official alternative

Instagram Plus offers many unique features, which are not present in the “meta” Instagram despite the great similarity, but there are some advantages that we mention to you now:

Instagram Plus settings official alternative

Instagram Plus settings official alternative

  • download instagram status
  • Open the profile picture of any Instagram account.
  • Download videos and photos from Instagram.
  • Hide read messages.
  • Download rails from instagram for the gallery.
  • Hide instagram status view.

Disadvantages of the official alternative to Instagram Plus

There is one drawback to the original Instagram alternative app, some may see it as an advantage, but from my personal point of view, I see this as a flaw:

  1. You must delete the original Instagram from your phone.

What is the importance of the original Instagram Plus

A feature in Instagram, an alternative to the original

A feature in Instagram, an alternative to the original

The importance of the modified Instagram lies in the optimal use of the application, where when you download the alternative Instagram Plus, you can download the status, surprise your friends and watch their stories without informing them, and what is new is the ghost mode.

Ghost Mode for Instagram Plus Alternative: A new feature has been added. When you enter a group, friends will not know that you are a member, and this is called hiding your name among the group members.

Instagram Plus is a safe alternative to the official without ban

A feature in Instagram an alternative to the original

 A feature in Instagram an alternative to the original

Many users may think, that using Instagram Plus causes ban, but on the contrary, developers always try to bypass the application ban or user ban.

But the wrong use of the application, or even the original will definitely cause your account to be banned, for example, reporting your account, unusual activity, which is following a lot, or downloading fake applications on your phone.

Copy Instagram Plus next to the original

In the event that you want to download Instagram Plus beside the original, there are many versions, the most important of which is: Instagram Gold , try it if you want.

In the end

We always advise you to use Instagram in a correct way, away from the wrong use, or the harmful use of the community, your safe use of the application makes you enjoy it more, and it is advantageously used from the rest of the users.

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