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Download black Instagram latest version

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For Instagram original users, who love change. Now you can completely change the Instagram look to the black color, all you have to do is download the black Instagram on the mobile. Then enjoy unique features, attractive and beautiful shape, the black Inta application offers many advantages. The most important of which is to download Instagram status in high quality, and download all chat media. In the event that a friend sends you a voice message, you can, through black Instagram, download the audio clip. There are many new features, let’s explain them in detail, as well as the link to download the black Instagram directly from the paragraphs below.

What is black Instagram?

Black Insta: One of the most important Instagram applications modified, offers new features, and various additions. The same as the original Instagram application, but with added features, which made users accept it greatly. Here we explain to you these features, and how to make the Insta application black.

black instagram download link


The most important features of black Instagram

appearance insta black

appearance insta black

  1. Translate and copy comments.
  2. Download photos and videos from Instagram in high quality. download pic on instagram black

    download pic on instagram black

  3. Insta bio copy.
  4. Download media from chats.
  5. Enlarge the profile picture for any account. open and zoom photo profile

    open and zoom photo profile

  6. Download instagram story.

How to activate the night mode on Instagram

For those who want to switch Instagram to dark night mode. Which is that they did not move to the black version of Instagram Plus, while remaining in the original Insta. This is due to their desire not to dispense with Instagram, the matter is simple and easy steps, which will enable them to move to Instagram black night mode. You can also follow these steps:

  1. Go to the main interface of the Instagram application.
  2. Then look up, you will find the icon to change the mode from day to night and vice versa.
  3. Click on it and then go to the night mode, you will find the application change its color from day white to black.

instagram night mode

This feature has been added in Instagram, to take into account the desire of users. Also, the importance of the dark night mode feature in the comfort of the eyes, this is what doctors confirm in the importance of the night mode for most applications. A feature that had to be present, especially at a time when the lighting is weak around you, you have to move to the night mode in Instagram. The appearance of the application changes, from a light white appearance to a black color. But if you stay in the original Instagram, you will not be able to get the advantages of the black Instagram Plus.

What is the difference between dark mode on Instagram and Instagram Plus black

Stay on the original Instagram. It will not guarantee that you will get the advantages of Instagram Plus , as the application is similar in many things, and differs in the other, as well as in the additions in both applications, and if you want to know the similarity between the two applications or the difference, let us list for you the most important points of similarity and difference.

Instagram Night Mode and Instagram Plus are similar

  1. Black color for the background of the application.
  2. Correspondence and chats.
  3. Profile and story format.
  4. Pictures and videos are the same.

The difference between Instagram black and Instagram dark mode

  1. Application privacy control features such as “hide watching stories and hiding reading messages.”
  2. The feature of the ghost mode that is not present in the original Instagram “hide presence in chat groups”.
  3. The ability to download media “stories, photos, videos and voice messages”.
  4. Open and enlarge the profile picture.
  5. The ability to translate and copy comments, and copy the bio

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