Instagram Gold update latest version

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Instagram Gold update latest version

Insta Gold update : If you are using Insta Gold, you should follow the updates that are taking place first. So that you can get the latest features, as the developer updates InstaGold to add new features. And solve the most prominent problems that appear while using the application. All this and more I explain to you in this article, however, we offer you a link to download the new Instagram golden update.

What does Insta Gold update mean?

It is to move from the old Instagram gold version to the new one. After the developer changes the latest version, adding to the modern application a lot of features, as well as the most prominent thing that Instagram adds in its market version.

What is the importance of updating Insta Gold?

If you move from an old Instagram to a new Instagram, Makes you enjoy the new additions, It also makes you avoid ban problems. The problem that most users of the old version suffer from, You may be waiting for the new version. In order to get everything new in the world of Insta Gold.

Features of the latest update in Insta Gold Plus 3.00

  • Added the feature to pin messages at the top.
  • Increase the video duration from 15 seconds to 60 seconds.
  • Highlight the download.
  • Fixed an issue where stories were hidden.
  • Also solved the problem of direct stealth mode.
  • Remove all ads.
  • Improve the quality of the stories and videos.
  • Solve the application crash problem.

Download Instagram Plus Gold Update

At the moment we present to you the latest version, You should keep this page well. for reference again.

Update Insta Gold without deleting the program

In order not to lose the registration data for the GInsta+ program, you must follow the correct way to update InstaGold, Therefore, you do not have to delete the application, This is the beginning of it:

  1. Click on the Update button in the paragraph above.
  2. Then download the latest version, without deleting the app.
  3. Click on install version Then open the application.

This is how you got the latest version of Insta Gold Plus, On the other hand if you delete the application. Do not forget to restore the backup, Through the file in your files on the phone.

new appearance instagram gold

In the last update, the appearance has become different, you can see it from the following image:

new appearance instagram gold

new appearance instagram gold

Create a new insta gold lock

You can now make a lock for the Instagram Gold application, in the latest update of Instagram Gold, go to the Gold settings, then choose App Lock.

Does the update affect the account information?

If you followed the previous steps, Don’t be afraid of account information. You will not lose your Insta login, But everything will remain as it is. If you delete the app by mistake, The GInsta file will remain in the files, All your Instagram data is saved. If you delete files from your phone, You will lose all data, You have to register again for the application.

in the end

We present to you the latest versions of the golden Instagram first hand. You must periodically update the version of your copy, The more you get the latest version you will avoid ban problems. You will also get all that is new, We must remind you that this application available here belongs to the developer Assem Mahjoub, The owner of Instagram copies Abu Arab Al-Dhahabi.

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