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There is no doubt that you have heard of the Instagram application. the social messaging program, but do not forget that the program takes up a large amount of phone storage space. Therefore, in this article, I present to you the download Instagram lite apk, the Insta Lite application for Android and iPhone, so let’s get to know it in detail.

instagram lite android and iphone

Instagram Lite android and iphone

What is the Instagram Lite app?

One of the most famous social networking applications, a lightened version of Instagram, supports the Android and iOS operating system, many consider it the old Instagram, it was called Instagram lite, which means “small or a little”, as for those who call it the old Insta, because the version does not contain new updates.

Instagram attenuator for weak internet

There are many areas that suffer from a weak internet connection, the normal Instagram consumes a lot of the internet.

the size of the application reaches 97 MB, as for Instagram Lite, whose size does not exceed 4 MB, it does not need a strong internet, it works at the lowest internet speed.

Instagram Lite for Vulnerable Devices

There are phones in the somewhat weak category, or the so-called popular category, and the lowest quality. Insta Lite is the best choice for these phones, which works very quickly. Does not need large RAM, or huge processors. The application is small in size, and free from many additions that You need a memory card and two devices of the middle class or more.

Features available in Insta Lite

  1. Creating stories through Insta Lite is easy and simple.
  2. Posting posts, whether photos or videos.
  3. Watch friends’ stories.
  4. Message friends and send photos, videos and audios.
  5. Like and comment on the videos.
  6. Mute the story while watching.
  7. Find Instagram accounts, hashtags, and places.
  8. Watch Rails videos.
  9. Modify your profile.
  10. Log in from Insta Lite on more than one account.

Disadvantages of Instagram Lite

  1. You cannot post your own Rails on Instagram Lite.
  2. Voice or video calling service is not available on Insta Lite.
  3. Story filters are very limited, and they are provided by the application only.
  4. New features in recent updates are missing.
  5. Day and night mode feature is not available.
  6. You cannot create a live broadcast through Insta Lite.
  7. Some of the actions that Instagram provides are not found in Insta Lite, such as moving the screen to the left to enter the chats, and to the right to create a story.
  8. In normal Instagram, you can search for links, videos, people, and hashtags, while searches in Insta Lite are limited to accounts, hashtags, and places.
  9. You cannot filter messages as in normal Instagram.

Explanation of the interface of the Instagram Lite

application Instagram Lite is the same as the official Instagram, it has an interface and options, but there are some differences, some options may not be present, and to talk more about it, let’s get to know everything that Insta Lite contains.

The main interface

download instagram lite

insta lite The main interface

In Instagram Lite, you will find in the main interface the stories of friends at the top of the interface, you will also find the addition of Story, and the list of likes, as is the case in the old Instagram.

On the right of the screen, you will find the list of chats, after that the posts that those you follow posted on their accounts.

Search menu

instagram lite search menu

instagram lite search menu

In the search menu, there is the ability to search for accounts and places, as well as view publications, whether images, videos, or Rails, which top the trend list.

Publishing List In this list. You can publish photos and videos in the old Instagram Lite latest version. as well as publish stories and cases for Instagram.

Reels menu

insta lite android Reels menu

insta lite Reels menu

There are a lot of Reels videos posted by friends and other public accounts.

you can watch and like these videos, as well as comment on them.

Your profile list

instagram lite iphone Your profile list

instagram lite Your profile list

The list of your account. through which you know your followers. and who you follow, as well as you can change your profile picture, and change the profile profile of your account.

There are more changes that you can do in the profile menu, which is to control your settings, by going to the settings menu you can change the language and name of the account, and log out of the account.

You can also view the videos and photos that you have posted on your account.

In the end

download Instagram lite offers you a unique feature, which is the feature of downloading two versions of Instagram at the same time, I advise you to do so if your phone has a high storage space, by using Instagram Android or Instagram iPhone. or even using Instagram Plus on your phone. and next to it Instagram Lite.

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