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Instagram for iPhone, which is one of the most famous applications in the world, the messaging program and sharing of videos and photos, as well as publishing diaries in the form of stories. Do you use an iPhone mobile, then you should try Instagram on it, and start sharing the events of your day in your personal account.

What is Instagram for iPhone?

Insta for iPhone: It is a photo-sharing and messaging application with friends, supports voice and video calls, as well as sharing photos, videos, and Rails, helps you learn about the outside world, and communicate with all cultures in the world.

Download Instagram for ios Arabic

Instagram supports the Arabic language, especially for its users in the Middle East and the Arab world. All you have to do is change the language of the application, by entering the settings, the application is easy to use, without complexity, now through the link to download Instagram for iPhone from below, in Arabic, and in all languages.

Link to download the Arabic Instagram app for iPhone

Download Instagram for apple

Download Instagram for apple

how to use instagram on iphone

As we mentioned above, Instagram, which is considered one of the most important social networking sites in the world, its simple and easy use, made it the most fortunate to use. All you have to do is download the program to your mobile phone. And then create an Instagram account on the iPhone, or log in if you already have an account. Then enter the application, and start sharing photos and videos, as for messaging friends. You find the list of chats on the left of the screen.

Features of Insta for iPhone

Instagram features for iPhone

Instagram features for iPhone

  1. Instagram for iPhone supports messaging with friends for free, as well as the ability to make calls.
  2. Share photos and videos.
  3. Use Instagram on iPhone.
  4. Post photos and videos in the form of stories.
  5. Watch IGTV for free.
  6. Use free photography filters.

The importance of Instagram for iPhone


While Instagram is a social networking program. Therefore, you find its importance in connecting users with each other, as well as in exchanging cultures and spreading knowledge, following celebrities, and in spreading purposeful content, and I do not hide a secret in using it for marketing, selling products and promoting goods.

The most important disadvantages of Instagram for iPad and iPhone

insta apple features

insta apple features

  • It does not support uploading photos and videos.
  • The videos are uploaded in high quality, you will find the stories in it in high definition. Which causes a bug for Instagram users on Android.
  • It requires a relatively higher internet.

What is the difference between Instagram for ios and Instagram for Android?

There is undoubtedly a difference between iPhone and Android as two different systems. But is there a difference between them in Instagram? Of course yes, which is shown to both users, whether in the font used in the story, or in the emoji, which differs in shape from Android to iPhone, where we find iPhone users enjoying a better font.

In the end

In the end, we offer you the best social networking applications, which is what our users always request in the explanation, and we advise users to use Insta, to the degree of high security in it, and we, in turn, do our best; To provide the application with a direct link, you can share the article with friends, and if you encounter a problem, write to us in the comments

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